For you who know about the Great Gatsby might have known about Flappers, lively fashion the subject of conversation since 1920. Gatsby Flapper said flapper has a meaning as a younger generation of West present in 1920. Flapper identical to the young women who wear short skirts, hair that looks somewhat obtrusive and have a habit of listening to jazz music and showcase their hatred by wearing excessive makeup, along with a cigarette and driving a car. But the stigma was later changed to just get the gist of their unique way of dressing, though with a dark history. Gatsby Flapper fashion style became so popular since the emergence of the film, Daisy Buchanan became a perfect image for Gatsby Flapper.

The young woman, energetic and have a free mind, that’s part of what they were wearing at the time and has now become a trend that motivates women to attend some party or at least fashion Buchanan became the inspiration to go and come to the lavish parties that where the men wear formal suits and spent a lot of champagne. You can buy Gatsby Flapper in the online store and gain satisfaction in wearing it. Their color is unique and contrasts with a geometric pattern that does not make your eyes sore.

Gatsby Flapper become a fashion trend in the size of luxury, sleeveless and short skirts in size. Actually, the style of dress is very simple, just use some accessories to add to your beauty, even with a hairpin and let your hair loose. Makeup if not to excess, can get an ordinary dressing. No need to use blusher such as 1920’s most important is the Flapper used to show your energetic impression as the new teen in 1920, although seem ancient but fashion style is still there today.

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