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We think if the mesothelioma is only one type? Actually, it is three and all of it has different signs. We do not have to know all signs if the mesothelioma but we have to know the major causes of the disease. The mesothelioma has three types. First is pleural mesothelioma attorney and it has the signs like a common mesothelioma. The common mesothelioma always can attack the people who are careless with the exposure to asbestos. Second is peritoneal mesothelioma.

It most rarely than the first type but we also have to be careful with this one. The patient who has this illness will feel a pain in the abdomen, swelling of the abdomen, lumps in the abdomen and last but not list is weight loss. Third is pericardial mesothelioma. It can be said as cancer but rarely happen. It is more painful than the two previous types. The difference also only on the pain because it can be said if that is a higher stage.