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Many people mistakenly believing that the name Hamburger comes from the word “Ham”, but actually derives its name from the city of Hamburg in Germany, where the food is coming from. Of the second largest city in Germany’s many inhabitants who emigrated to America and spread the manufacture burger there. Just a coincidence that the word “ham” which in English means salami has a sound similar to Hamburger, hamburger fact not contain Ham (although there are also restaurants that add sliced Ham on their burgers for more flavor). Do you know Five Guys Burger and Fries? Find out their Five Guys Secret Menu on our website.

So literally it can be concluded that the meaning of the word Hamburger means “food that comes from Hamburg” and not “foods containing Ham”. But in practice, burger or hamburger more often interpreted as a sandwich or other type of sandwich that is round. In society said the burger was more attached to the type of food rather than the origin and creator of the burger.

Now hamburger sold by a network of fast-food restaurants in different countries, but the most famous of all restaurants selling hamburgers in the world is a McDonalds Big Macs them, a Burger King, A & W and Wendy’s and certainly Five Guys legendary. Consumption burger in the world is very popular because of its delicious taste and practicality, hamburgers can be eaten as she is brought to walk, besides ad impressions hamburger in broadcasts television often portray hamburger as the food that is relevant to the times and modern, so the demand is also increasing.

Some people also vary the vegetarian burger to replace the use of meat on a burger with gluten, also there Tofu burger that uses out as a meat substitute. In addition marketed in conditions of fast food, burgers are also sold in the form of semi-finished food in the form of burger meat vacuum packed in plastic packaging (vacuum pack). Burger like this are sold in supermarkets.