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Lately, more and more people are choosing gold as an investment. While not having the prestige and functions can not be used as accessories, gold tends to be more advantageous in terms of investment. Gold bullion is sold only in certain places, such as in Gold & Silver IRA. This ensures the safety aspects. Investment products this one will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Any information contained in this certificate? The certificate includes the id number, weight, size and rate levels.

Quality gold bars that you buy at Gold and Silver IRA already been guaranteed. The options ranging from 1-1000 gram gold content reaches almost 100%. In addition, gold is also not affected by the value added a tax of 10 percent. In addition, gold has a proven profitable resale. Of note, investors sell at the right time, ie at the highest selling point. That is why gold is very suitable as a long-term investment.

Which one would you choose as an investment is not a matter of right or wrong too! Check again the readiness of financial, mental and that certainly sufficient knowledge before engaging in investment. Gold is quite promising profit is not a little, but if you’re not patient and less knowledge about gold itself does not succeed. So, choose wisely and decide that ended investment profit instead of a loss!

The advantage of gold bullion are:
– The concentration of 24 karats, which is considered the community as the gold content was perfect so easily salable. 24 karat gold is also often used as a material for jewelry.
– Available in a variety of size, weight, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram.
– Popular among the general public so much easier sell.
– Not subject to 10 percent value-added tax
– There are no printing costs for size 1 kilogram
– Could not break down the size of the gold bars when they wanted to sell. For example, we got 100 grams of gold bullion and in need of funds worth 50 grams of gold. We have to sell the whole gold bars of 100 grams, it can not only sell half.