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Mr P is the most important organ for a man to take care. Not only that this organ can be used to take a leak and make a baby, it’s also required to satisfy your wife. Maintaining the hygiene could be considered as the point of taking care a penis. The urologist in bangalore is more than happy to share some tips with you on how to clean your penis.

Here are the ways to clean Mr P that you need to know :

1. When you’re taking a bath, wash Mr P with the warm water. You need to do this every day. Don’t forget to dry him with the tissue or the clean towel after each bath or also after each time you take a leak.

2. Don’t use too much soap for the Mr P, that could make him be irritated.

3. Avoid to apply the powder or deodorant to Mr P.

4. Rub his head gently in order to clean the accumulated dirt on the smegma. Basically, smegma is the natural lubricant for Mr P’s head and folds. However, the accumulation of smegma could trigger the growth of bacteria and cause an infection.

5. If your Mr P has a lot of skin folds on him, pull them gently and clean their lower parts. However, this step is just for the adult men, the little boys haven’t required this kind of maintenance.

6. Don’t forget to clean the scrotum (balls, nuts, etc). If it’s not being cleaned regularly, it will be smelly due to the excessive sweat and dirt on the hair around it.

7. Check the Mr P and scrotum by groping them. This tip is capable of detecting whether Mr P and his ball have any lumps or not. If they had any lumps or other changes, don’t be shy to take them to a doctor.

Although it’s an organ that has been used to discard so much dirty substances, it’s still required to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it healthy and prevent the sexual diseases.