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Body weight is one of the aspects of the body which most of the people care about. That is the reason why it has been one of the determining factors of the quality of their confidence. In most of the time, the skinnier a person is, the more confident he or she can be. There are actually several factors which can affect the body mass of someone other than the amount of the food intake. One of them is called as the internal factors. Internal factors responsible for body mass are factors that cannot be consciously controlled by people who do a diet program or plan no matter how effective it is such as the 3 week diet plan. Read the 3 week diet reviews here. Rather, they are more of the innate of the body. There are several internal factors that affect body mass and the genetic factor is one of them.

One of the human genes which can affect the body mass is the INSIG2. Research conducted by the Boston University Medical School found that a gene called INSIG2 responsible for obesity. INSIG2 gene is responsible for inhibiting the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. Some of the protein product of the gene variant had a power INSIG2 inhibition so low that people with this gene variant will tend to accumulate more fat in their bodies. Approximately one out of ten people (10%) believed to be carrying this gene variant.

Other than the INSIG2 gene, there is another gene which is influential in determining the body mass of a person. One of the other genes responsible for obesity is FTO gene. FTO is the name of a gene located on chromosome 16 human. Based on the results of the study, people who have a particular variant of the FTO allele homozygote and also a couple of these variants in their genome, will have a weight of 3 kg heavier than an ordinary person and have a risk of developing obesity 5 times greater than ordinary people.