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If we had been thinking that the incense is safe probably are wrong because there are some people who use incense for other purposes. If we ever feel dizzy or nauseous after smelling the aroma of incense, it is because there are other materials used in incense. We touched more careful if we buy spice online because maybe we could get the incense with hazardous ingredients.

One ingredient mixed with incense was marijuana. As we know, not all countries permit the use of marijuana illegal because there are some adverse effects given by marijuana. Marijuana can be mixed with incense for using marijuana, in the same way, using the incense is burned. If we have long been the incense and we feel the strangeness of fragrance released from one of the incense, the better we extinguish the incense it and examine it. If we discover any unusual material on incense, we could go to the police and the use of incense we burn as evidence.