If we want to apply for a job actually we would have to know in advance about the job description on it. We can not do what we do not know and we also have a different ability. This also happens to the tax assessor. Many people can do this job properly because it is very. The tax assessor must have good skill in numeracy. Not only in a simple calculation but also for a complex calculation. The tax assessors also do not come from students of economics or mathematics. If you can count well, you can try to be a tax assessor and learn from there. They work like the appraiser but not so similar. They can not estimate the price of an item that does not have a definite price. They never guessing in tax assessment because it can make a mess. They utilize the market value to know how the value that is suitable for determining tax of a building. If they can not find the right value, it means the value may be higher than the other. It is because the material of the building is not general and purchased import.

They will calculate the entire elements of the building and then make it into one value. They have an office and also a room for restore their files. They often take a job from the government to calculate the value of county tax. They will be given the information about the county and the latest market news. Usually, it will take a long time because they have to think about the development of the county in the future. If the tax value is too low, they can not develop but if the tax value is too high, they can be left by the residents who live there because they can pay the taxes of their property in every year.

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